25 Days of Ficmas

Dec 21

When you say you love me, know I love you more  @jimmytfallon

The overheads of the cafe have been dimmed in favor of the twinkle lights strung up around the counter and walls. Vanessa seems paler in their glow, somehow, as if the blood beneath her skin was shades of silver and not red. She’s excited as she reads off her next fic. 

“This one is small, but oh Toni, is it tender. Intimate and sweet, as if you’d peered into a private moment of pure adoration between lovers. You know I have a thing for fics dealing with insecurities and healing, and this was such a perfect microcosm of that trope, a bitesized dose of calming reassurance.”

“I think morning lovers in bed is an excellent image.”

“So soft! Louis’ kisses are so lovingly described it could hear them being pressed along Harry’s skin. Gentle love-giving is underrated in my opinion.” 

“Is taking care of someone a love language? It should be,” I declare. 

“Well the author sure turned care into a love language here, and I’m obsessed with every line.” ▪️

I want to yell on rooftops that you're an…

I want to yell on rooftops that you're an amazing writer and it would be a shame to keep your talent from the fandom. I was blown away by your first fic, but that drabble nearly killed me. PLEASE IF YOU FIND THE TIME POST MORE

oh WOW! thanks so much 😭😭😭 i’ll try my best!

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