As we wrap up our Top Cat episode…


…full of amazing cruise ship names…


…questionable eyes…


…and the best version of Dogs Playing Poker ever… y’know, except it’s police and Pink Panther gone feral…


Yup. The theme song was right.


He really is the most tip-top Top Cat.

I mean, come on…


he even sleeps in his lil’ cat hat.

10/10, Top Cat. You are – and are in – the cat’s pajamas.

“I did the arm right this time, Ted!”

Ted the Animator: “I, um… congratulations? Maybe?”

Carl the Animator: “I drew it separately when it moved, just like you said!”

Ted the Animator: “You picked a darker shade to compensate for the layer darkening below, right?”

Carl the Animator: “…layer darkening?”


Ted the Animator: “…we’ve been over cels, like, 10 times, Carl.”


Carl the Animator: “I thiiiiink I remember there bein’ somethin’ called acetate… but I thought acetate made action figurines melt?”

Ted the Animator: “That’s not–… it’s–… I… *deep breath* look, just use a different blue next time? Ok? Please?”

Carl the Animator: “Bingo!”

*2 hours later*


Carl the Animator: “There! All better.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Ta-dah!”

Ted the Animator: “…”


Carl the Animator: “…?”

Ted the Animator: *sighs, deep and defeated*

Carl the Animator: “Hehehe. I think I broke Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m revoking your ‘color blue’ privileges.”

“Layer problem, Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “Cake or animation?”

Carl the Animator: “The latter… but now I’m hungry for the former.”


Ted the Animator: “What’s the issue?”

Carl the Animator: “I’m startin’ to wonder if I shouldn’t have drawn their torsos on the same cel.”

Ted the Animator: “Why? That’s pretty normal for these static scenes.”

Carl the Animator: “…really?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah. For once, I’ve got no criticism.”

Carl the Animator: “Well… when I have to re-trace everything for each arm move…”


Carl the Animator: “…things get a little… eh…


Ted the Animator: “Wiggly?”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah! Like they’re jello people!”

Ted the Animator: “Why didn’t you only put the arm on a new layer?”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…”


Carl the Animator: “…ok, that might have made more sense.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s cool, Top Cat airs in the ‘60s. If people can have jello salads, they can have jello sea captains.”

…ok, this might be my favorite cartoon physi…

Officer runs off boat…

…realizes… does the classic hover…

…and is able to run back at first – though at some point mid-air, gravity must kick back in…

’cause he just slams into the side.

I don’t have answers, but I love it.

“I’ve noticed my favorite eraser disappeared f…

Carl the Animator: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Ted the Animator: “And – correlating to this – some of the lines on my cels…”


Ted the Animator: “…have been – similarly – disappearing.”

Carl the Animator: “Hmmmmmmmm.”


Ted the Animator: “Some pretty large lines.”

Carl the Animator: “Mysterious!”


Ted the Animator: “Lines I distinctively remember drawing.”

Carl the Animator: “I declare. How unusual.”


Ted the Animator: “Any ideas of who could have done this, Carl?”

Carl the Animator: “There’s only one logical explanation.”


Ted the Animator: “Which is?”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…poltergeist.

Ted the Animator: “Well, this poltergeist had better leave my tie thicknesses alone.”

*immediately after cajoling the captain of a c…

*…and, therefor, falling into the ocean*

Top Cat: “What a delivery…”

Top Cat: “…soggy, yet sincere.”

I love you, Top Cat.

You can push me off a pier any day. I won’t even be mad.

When I’m elected supreme ruler of the universe…

…and I must assemble a secret meeting of the illuminati…


…you’d better believe I’ve gonna Top Cat it…


and call it to order with a freakin’ salami.

Don’t worry, SDM followers will get all their illuminati invites in the mail.

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