Please settle an argument between my husband a…

Please settle an argument between my husband and I. I’m doing an original 1980’s era Velma costume for Halloween this year, and my husband insists I need a magnifying glass to complete the outfit. I am firmly against this, saying that she wasn’t known for having the magnifying glass until A Pup Named Scooby Doo (a show I completely hated, but I digress). In all your Scooby Doo show watching, are you aware of her having the magnifying glass before A Pup Named Scooby Doo? TIA!

Ok, this is wonderful.


It’s such a weird situation – across most of the show, especially the classics…


…Velma pretty much never uses a magnifying glance…


even though everyone remembers her with one.

Which I’m sure miffs her to no small extent.


It’s kinda fascinating! 

My guess would be that when people think of a clue-finding scene, they picture it being there…


…as it’s been visual shorthand for “detective scene” since basically forever.

So, concerning your Halloween costume…


…I guess you can either be accurate Velma, or how the masses remember Velma.

Whoa, man. That’s, like, deep, maaaan.

–Colin (instagram! | photo blog!)

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