Oh noes, a spooky phantom in the fog!

Scoob freaks out so much

…he chops off the bottom of his oar-thing…

…and points emphatically!

Shaggy turns to his left…

…but decides it should be his right in the closeup…

…because Shaggy is an owl person who teleports his head however he darn well pleases.

He even gained some added back support from the frilly suitcase/orange throw pillow/frosted monochrome cake that wasn’t there in the previous shot. 

Just think about it. The man conjures comfortable packing confectionaries at will.

I don’t know what it is with Fred…

…and his penchant for angular, butt-first falling.

Maybe he has buns of steel, and there’s an electromagnet in the floor?

But just when you think it’s just ‘cause of smear frames…

…you get moments like these, which – despite the lack of 6 eyes…


honestly creeps me out even more.

Crotch-Hovering Bowling-Shoes-Wearing Romulan Freddy was the *true* villain all along.

The tough thing about a pretty self-aware show…


…is when you see some questionable conveyor belt physics…


…followed up by half of it immediately disappearing into the ether…


…with this show of all things, it could totally have been intentional.

Heck, for all we know, the cheese monster is also a master illusionist!

…this may be the most-confusing scene in any…


So, a mysterious blue figure is seen running down the hall…


…and Mini-Fred and Mini-Daphne give chase…


…but of course Shag ‘n’ Scoob run the opposite way…


…as the chair drifts along in front of them via its telekinetic powers


…but they eventually hit it…


…and it sends them rocketing away from the chase… we cut to a wide shot…


…but now they’re going towards the chase… and somehow Fred ‘n’ Daphne teleported back where they started, and aren’t running anymore…


…and then the mysterious figure they were chasing turns into this guy, who looks nothing like the blue-suited guy they saw…


and the gang never acknowledges it or thinks any of this is the slightest bit strange.

my brain

it hurts

“…I’m not sure I get this episode’s script, …

Ted the Animator: “How ‘not getting’ are we talking, here?”

Carl the Animator: “Gimme a script confusion scale.”

Ted the Animator: “Uhhhhh… from ‘Waiting for Guffman’ to ‘Santa Claus & The Ice Cream Bunny.’”

Carl the Animator: “Hmm… middling. Sort of a ‘Winnebago Man outtakes.’”

Ted the Animator: “Well, what’s the problem?”


Carl the Animator: “Y’know the heavy bag of treasure?”

Ted the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Carl the Animator: “The one filled with solid gold, jewels, and other massively-dense objects?

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, there was even somethin’ like an elephant tusk in an earlier scene.”


Carl the Animator: “See anything out of the ordinary?”

Ted the Animator: “…well, the bottom of the bag sorta gets cut off above the ripples.”


Carl the Animator: “No, like… it’s being flung around like it’s full of ping-pong balls.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh. Oh! Ohhhhhhh.”

Carl the Animator: “Yyyeah.”

Ted the Animator: “I guess Scooby-Doo plots are so crazy, I, uh… sorta zone out on the logic half the time.”


Carl the Animator: “I mean, the entire evil scheme depends a sack of metals floating, and being launched up 8 feet by a wave.”

Ted the Animator: “Imagine if the plan went off, and after the treasure sack is dropped in the river, it just… plunged straight to the bottom.”


Carl the Animator: “Yeah, when he goes to pick it up, even the bad guy’s face seems to say ‘duuuuuude! holy crap, guys…’


Carl the Animator:’…there’s *no way* that actually worked.’

Ted the Animator: “Hey, the guy gets the scale! He knows a ‘Santa Claus & The Ice Cream Bunny’ script when he sees one.”

…ok, this might be my favorite cartoon physi…

Officer runs off boat…

…realizes… does the classic hover…

…and is able to run back at first – though at some point mid-air, gravity must kick back in…

’cause he just slams into the side.

I don’t have answers, but I love it.

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