the act of making noise by suspendrs (32k)

“Oh,” Harry frowns, waving him off. “No, I could never. I respect myself too much to sing for a living.”

It feels like a slap across the face, but Louis does his best not to stiffen, blinking once and then frowning. “What?”

“Those people are always so miserable, you know?” Harry says, hopping down off his stool and straightening his sweater. “There’s so much pressure on them, and they have to work so hard to keep up appearances, I can’t even imagine how difficult that is. I can’t even stand to listen to pop music today, let alone watch TV or read the magazines. It makes me so sad, thinking that those people, you know, the ones who actually went into it with heart, they only ever just wanted to make music and instead they got turned into things on leashes being paraded around to make money for other people,” he says. “Anyway, you can have the stool.”

Or, Louis’s famous, Harry has no idea who he is, and they get snowed in together at a ski lodge in Vermont.



I approached the table and he was getting ready to sign my vinyl. While he was signing I said “I just wanted to show this so the next time you shit talk what makes you beautiful you remember it is special to us” and he looked and my tattoo and went OHH and started laughing SO MUCH and he said “you know what, I promise you I will never do it again, I’ll remember your tattoo” and I said “okay I believe you” and then “what’s your favorite song darling” and I said “oh Always You!!! Thank you for putting on the album. I was so attached to it form the little bit you posted” and he said “oh I’m glad to hear that darling” and the I asked for a hug and he got up to hug me 🥺 it was SO long and I’m beyond overwhelmed

Your reaction to my ask about us being married…

Your reaction to my ask about us being married is exactly the chaos I strive to create for my own amusement. As a Gemini I strived for self improvement since I wanted to not be lumped in with them, but idk if I can ever stop causing chaos 😘😘love u wifey

maybe you’ll be the first gemini who redeems themselves one my own experience. we shall see

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