hi kelli! this is kinda stupid and childish bu…

hi kelli! this is kinda stupid and childish but ugh there is a boy w whom i travel home several times a week on a train. we make eye contact all the time,he looks at me,i look at him,he turns around and i see that he looks (but idk what if it’s my imagination?) i really like him, he seems nice. tho i don’t know him but every time i see him i’m so happy and when he’s not there i’m sad! this is stupid i know! i’m so shy,i can’t take the first step but should i wait for him to do it ?

uuhhhHHH THIS IS CUTE !!! have you ever just said hello in passing, maybe?? i’m shy too but I’d at least probably smile and say “hi, how are you”  just to kinda break the wall, if that makes sense, and then make a habit of greeting him politely after that so he knows you recognize him and you have a mutual acknowledgement and it might break the ice , ya know??? 

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