Hi Kelli. I was given a dslr camera for Mother…

Hi Kelli. I was given a dslr camera for Mother’s Day. I had said something a few months ago about how I thought photography as a hobby would be fun, so I guess they picked up on it. However, I’ve only ever used point and shoot or my phone so I’m quite intimidated. What is the best way to get started? A class? Online class? I want to love it but I’m wary of it haha

oooh what a cool gift! so i went to a school and learned how to use dslr, which was helpful because i had a lot of hands on experience and we did photoshoots and dealt with equipment and had a lot of resources and stuff. so if you’re up for the idea, maybe a beginners class would be good! but if you’re just interested in learning how to operate the camera and teach yourself…it’s totally doable. because now YouTube has tutorials for EVERYTHING. also there’s a lot of books you can find on how to get started using dslr too!

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