“Thank goodness we’re still just barely in the…

Carl the Animator: “’Cause HR still encourages drinking at office?”

Ted the Animator: “Nooo, you dingus, because the color palette can be all over the place!”


Ted the Animator: “Like, have a scene of Fred with Scooby in a headlock, and got a closeup after?”


Ted the Animator: “Just use a featureless fuchsia void. It’s even aesthetically consistent!

Carl the Animator: “The last background was a little more violet, though.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s close enough, though. And afterward, got another medium shot that needs a background?”


Ted the Animator: “Bam! Only one color needed. Huge time save.”

Carl the Animator: “…go back, was that anything like the previous shot?”


Ted the Animator: “Uhhhhhhh… maybe?”

Carl the Animator: *shakes head slowly*

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…can I go with ‘the angle changes enough that the environment *might* abruptly transition to–’”

Carl the Animator: “No.”

Ted the Animator: “Eh, it was worth a shot.”

Carl the Animator: “Look, you made a mistake for once, Ted. It’s my sworn duty to savor this moment.”

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