“Freddy is happy about the Globetrotters’ plan…


Carl the Animator: “Yup! They’re gonna escape the haunted boat!”


Ted the Animator: “So… during this very positive conversation…”


Ted the Animator: “…why’s he look so dang irritated about it?”

Carl the Animator: “Hey now, don’t begrudge the man his angry eyebrows.”

As ‘90s nostalgia grows and grows…

…let us not forget that all the way back in ‘72… 


Scooby-Doo had green slime long before Nickelodeon.

Granted, they didn’t drop it on anyone’s heads, but some innovations simply needed the ‘90s to come to fruition. 

The Stages of Hearing Mysterious Car Noises


1. Blissful ignorance


2. Driver uncertainty


3. Middle seat paranoia


4. End-seat skepticism




*Editor’s Note: at this point in watching the episode for SDM, Colin was lost to a giggling fit over Velma’s face.

Our sincerest apologies for the lack of additional riffing.

Y’see folks, traditional animation is done “on…

Essentially, it means whether there’s a change every frame, or every other frame!


This is why faster motion on twos looks kinda choppy, being only 12 frames per second…


…but looks so gorgeously-fluid at 24!

Especially with a gelatinous caveman dance.

Now, what happens when you isolate the difference between, say, the smooth background and its half-speed walking cycle?


Art. That’s what happens.

Twos aren’t just an invaluable time-saving technique or aesthetic choice – they also let the pause button warp time and space!

Ok, so, the gang is driving to their picnic, w…

Oh, dang it, Shaggy!

What have I told you about cutting off your feet?

I know it makes it look like you have trendy bellbottoms, but it ain’t worth it, man.

*seconds later*

Their baske– oh, come one!

Cease your dark podiatric arts immediately, mister.

I don’t care if you magically grow your pants to compensate, it just ain’t right.

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