Kelli I have pit tickets for harrys LA show ne…

Kelli I have pit tickets for harrys LA show next year but after seeing how people have been camping out since the beginning of the week for Friday’s show I’m scareddddd and wondering if mistakes were made

Nahh I think this situation is a little different cuz there’s no designated “side” of the pit like watermelon/cherry and also on tour, the stage will be taking up a lot of the floor so each pit will hold less people than the setup will for Friday, which is the whole floor. that’s why people started early. Also the pits on tour are narrow, so you’ll feel pretty close no matter where you are. you’ll be fine !! definitely will not be necessary to line up for your tour show days in advance



“I think for any artist, for any songwriter, that’s the true payoff. That’s the moment that you know I’ve been looking forward to, that I’ve been working towards. Because you know it’s one thing, gauging a reaction online and people telling you what they think and stuff like that. But it’s another thing seeing it, and feeling it and being able to look into people’s eyes, you know what lyrics mean something to them. That’s where it all makes sense really, you know why we do what we do is that first tour show, I just know is just going to be an amazing feeling for me and the fans.”

— Louis for Chart on Beats1  (via hlupdate)

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