Creepy Occurrences That Made People Believe In…


At the last house we lived in, when the bed in the master bedroom was setup a certain way, some nights it felt like a cat or small dog would jump up and settle in one particular spot toward the foot of the bed.

I didn’t think too much of it but jokingly mentioned having a “ghost cat” to my husband one time only to find out he had been feeling the exact same thing in the same spot (because of his schedule we slept at different times). If one has to have a ghost, a sleepy pet ghost is a good choice.
– vodka_philosophy on Reddit

I was riding my bicycle down a narrow path. Maybe 30 meters in front of me was an elderly woman also on a bike. I was going fast and catching up to her quickly. I was a couple of meters from passing her when the path took a right turn and she was out of my sight for a second. I should have been right behind her after I, too, had taken the right turn, so imagine my surprise when she had just…vanished.

There was an open field to the left, a highly fenced off area (with no gates) to the right and one straight road ahead of us – no trace of her anywhere. I know the area well and there is no way she could have been hidden anywhere. This woman just went POOF and it puzzles me to this day.
– onesmilematters on Reddit

When I first married, my grandmother let us live in her old trailer since she had moved but couldn’t sell the property, she felt close to my grandfather there. He died in the master bedroom, heart attack.

Anyway My husband was abusive and beating me one night. I ran into the master bedroom and shut the door but it didn’t have a lock.

My husband beat on the door for an hour before giving up. It wouldn’t open.

I’ll always believed that was my grandfather helping me.
– Adrasdea on Reddit

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